Practitioner Certification

For people who wants to work as a therapists and give Horstmann treatments

PRACTITIONERS (certification)

After the Introductory Horstmann workshop the training continues with

* Ileo-Sacral Release (2 days)
* Arm-Shoulder Release (1 day)
* Foot Release (1 day)
* Self-Sabotage Release (2 days)

Self-Sabotage Release

Self-Sabotage Release is the first subtle energy treatment. It can be a very powerful process to release self sabotaging patterns that are stored in the cellular memory. These patterns can be from early life or inherited from our parents, and when they are released can lead to remarkable changes both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Self-Sabotage Release was in the beginning a treatment for sciatica and hip problems. When Trish did the treatments, she started to notice some “interesting side effects”. Clients started to get rid of self sabotaging patterns like nail biting, alcohol, smoking, bulimia, anorexia, low self esteem etc.

To become a practitioner the requirements are, that before the Practitioners workshop, to have given at least 20 documented treatments, and having received at least 10 Horstmann treatments on themselves. The Practitioners workshop contains both theoretical and practical parts and is over 2 days.

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