Personal Journey

For people who wants to use the Horstmann Technique for their own personal development.

Personal Journey

(personal development and growth)

These workshops are intended for those who wants to speed up their spiritual development and growth. The workshops are relatively short but considering the eventual healing effects after a workshop, it is good to not have a full calendar for the coming days. There are no requirements to participate in all the workshops in Personal Journey and the time to process between workshops are highly individual. That is just what this is, a personal journey that the student work out with their Facilitator.

The following workshops are part of the Personal Journey:

Aura Drainage

Aura Drainage and Point ‘8’ (2 days)

releases sclerotic energy accumulated in the emotional subtle body. The workshop includes Point ‘8’, a form of ‘spiritual surgery’ to help align the subtle energy bodies. The treatment creates healing on both a physical and emotional level. You can treat yourself with Aura Drainage but the effect will not be as strong as when receiving a treatment.

Genetic Sabotage Release

Genetic Sabotage Release (2 + 2 days)

is the next step after the Aura Drainage. It addresses genetically inherited self sabotage patterns. This method can clear really old memories from the past which normally is perceived with a great relief.

Karmic Release

Karmic Release (2,5 days)

is a finer energy clearing process which helps release ancient genetic information coded in the body’s cellular memory and chakras. This blocked energy releases from unconscious sources via the physical body/mind. Sometimes very old memories and unusual sensory awareness emerges. It is a gentle but very strong process where the participants work with the seven major chakras and points on the feet. Clients have reported of deep experiences under and after the treatment. This workshop is mainly for those whose focus are their personal growth, but also to give the treatment to others that are ready for it.

Seven Golden Points

Seven Golden Points (2,5 days)

Personal Journey continues with Seven Golden Points. It is a deep energy process that can allow us to reach beyond our ego/personality and find connection with our own soul. This is a process for those who want to go further with their personal growth.

Thymus Release

Thymus Release (2,5 days)

is a very necessary follow up to the Seven Golden Points as it helps a person to integrate the spiritual awareness that may have resulted from the Seven Golden Points with the practical aspects of life.

Karmic Release, Seven Golden Points and Thymus Release are retreats.

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