For people who wants to treat themselves and their family

Everybody who wants to do the Horstmann Technique have to start with Introductory Horstmann.


Horstmann treatments are very effective physically, but can reach the emotional, mental and/or spiritual. The main focus of the workshop is to learn self treatments, but also some aspects of the following modalities so they can then help family and friends. No previous training is required for this workshop.

Trish’s book, The Horstmann System – From Philosophy to Practice, is now our textbook. The participants are required to have read the first sections of it before they attend an IH workshop.

The workshop is for approximately 10 hours, depending on number of participants. Parts of the Ileo-Sacral Release, Arm-Shoulder Release and Foot Release are included. These are helpful for symptoms such as back pain, sciatica, neck and shoulder pain, RSI and general stress.

Ileo-Sacral Release

The Ileo-Sacral Release is an effective therapy that often produces rapid results for pain relief from structural problems and energy blocks, lower back pain and stiffness. It realigns tendons and ligaments of the hip area.

Arm- Shoulder Release

The Arm-Shoulder Release technique helps relieve common pain and stiffness in the muscles, tendons and joints of the shoulder girdle. It is especially good for releasing structurally based headaches. Symptoms such as upper back muscle spasm, misalignment of the vertebrae, ricked neck, frozen should, tennis elbow and RSI can be successfully treated.

Foot Release

The Foot Release technique is a unique, simple and effective approach for releasing blocked energy patterns in the structural, vascular, muscular, nerve and meridian systems.

Further on from the INTRODUCTORY Horstmann

If the student wants to learn more about the Horstmann Technique there are two ways to go. For those who want to work as therapist and give Horstmann treatments there is the Practitioners’ path. To use the Horstmann Technique for their personal development they do the Personal Journey path. For people who really likes the Horstmann Technique, they can attend workshops or receive treatments from both Practitioners and Personal Journey.

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