Trish Trowbridge

Trish TrowbridgeTrish Trowbridge, the developer of the Horstmann Technique, grew up in Adelaide – South Australia and, after two years at Adelaide university, decided that Science was not her preferred life path although she did work for some time as a laboratory assistant. She moved to Sydney in 1968 and embarked on a successful career in her own business. She studied Accountancy but was unable to complete the course due to a severe spinal injury in 1979. When she refused invasive surgery the medical prognosis was very poor. She was determined to find another way and her search led her to try some natural healing methods which had her back on her feet within a year.

During the course of these therapies she decided to study in this new field. In the mid eighties she moved to the NSW country town of Crookwell and established a Natural Therapies clinic to expand her Bodywork and Herbal Medicine practice. While there, she also did studies in several other modalities.

In addition to her work as a Natural Therapy clinic, Trish was occasionally contracted by various Government organisations for specialist work that incorporated her particular talents and knowledge. She spent a lot of voluntary time with her passion, working with the youth on a life awareness programme.

From 1990, she worked full-time in her clinic and health store in Crookwell. In 1991, during an unexpected respiratory arrest, she had a near-death experience which changed her life. This event was followed by frequent spiritual revelations which included the Horstmann Technique. In 1996, she relocated to Sydney where she formed a business partnership with Patti Barton PhD to teach workshops in this new technique. Patti was a former University lecturer and had a particular interest in transpersonal psychology, so was well suited to helping Trish teach this innovative bodywork therapy throughout Australia and internationally.

Trish now lives and works in Tasmania. She travels all over the world to spread this technique. She has two adult children, Anita and Kerrie.

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