The Horstmann Technique is a simple, non-invasive bodywork that helps release physical, emotional and mental blockages.

Ileo-Sacral Release

Ileo-Sacral Release is an effective therapy that often produces rapid results for pain relief from structural problems and energy blocks, lower back pain and stiffness. It realigns tendons and ligaments of the hip area.

Arm- Shoulder Release

The Arm-Shoulder Release technique helps relieve common pain and stiffness in the muscles, tendons and joints of the shoulder girdle. It is especially good for releasing structurally based headaches. Symptoms such as upper back muscle spasm, misalignment of the vertebrae, ricked neck, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and RSI can be successfully treated.

Foot Release

The Foot Release technique is a unique, simple and effective approach for releasing blocked energy patterns in the structural, vascular, muscular, nerve and meridian systems. Generally used in combination with other Horstmann Techniques.

Foot release Foot release

Self-Sabotage Release

Self-Sabotage Release addresses emotional and psychological patterns that can form in early years or pre-birth, and sabotage our lives as adults, preventing us from achieving our goals and aspirations. This release is credited with life changing experiences for many people. It is especially good for anyone with lower back pain or sciatica.

Aura Drainage and Point ‘8’

Aura Drainage releases sclerotic energy accumulated in the emotional subtle body. Point ‘8’ is a form of ‘spiritual surgery’ to help align the subtle energy bodies. The treatment creates healing on both a physical and emotional level.

Genetic Sabotage Release

Genetic Sabotage Release addresses genetically inherited self sabotage patterns. This method can clear really old memories from the past which normally is perceived with a great relief.

Karmic Release

Karmic Release is a finer energy clearing process which helps release ancient genetic information coded in the body’s cellular memory and chakras. This blocked energy releases from unconscious sources via the physical body/mind. Sometimes very old memories and unusual sensory awareness emerges. It is a gentle but very strong process. Clients have reported of deep experiences under and after the treatment.

Seven Golden Points

Seven Golden Points is a deep energy process that can allow us to reach beyond our ego/personality and find connection with our own soul. This is a process for those who want to go further with their personal growth.

Thymus Release

Thymus Release is a very necessary follow up to the Seven Golden Points as it helps a person to integrate the spiritual awareness that may have resulted from the Seven Golden Points with the practical aspects of life.

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