Horstmann for Animals

This wonderfully assistive technique developed from Trish Trowbridge’s original Horstmann Technique modalities with her blessings and oversight, testing each of the points and energies flows as it was adapted in this case for, but not limited to, horses.

It has long been recognized that our four-legged companions and friends suffer just as much as we do from sore, aching muscles and misaligned structures, created both from taking on maladies from their human carers and from rigorous physical activities that we subject them to as in the case of horses that race, take part in stock work, or specialized three-day events as examples.

Thankfully such veterinarian practices as acupuncture, chiropractic and massage are becoming much more commonplace as we demand more and more from our animal athletes.

What is most pleasing is that now with the Horstmann Technique for Animals, we can actually do something ourselves without having to have years of formal education and letters that follow our names in order to practice or render help.

It has already been proven that HFA is highly effective at relieving stresses both physical and emotional, enhances complimentary practices such as the application of therapeutic-grade essential oils and Australian Bush Flower essences, and can be of tremendous importance with rehabilitating sporting injuries.

We have shown that using HFA on nervous horses with emotional distresses can actually help to calm them down so that they could be betterĀ  handled with a greater degree of safety for all concerned.

In the safe and responsible manner in which HFA is being taught, we now have the means to assist animals of all species, relieving pain and distress on many levels.

Working with both owners/carers/riders in addition to the animals themselves makes the treatments even more effective and beneficial.

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